Drabble: Curious

Being the very intelligent kid that he was, it wasn’t often when Ja’far was genuinely curious, when he would let his mind wander about trivial things that escaped his vast knowledge.

Tonight though, was one of those nights when his curious thoughts kept him awake. It had been about a month since the young assassin joined Sinbad on his endeavors, and in all honesty, he just didn’t know why the teen kept him around. 

Ja’far tossed and turned as his mind filled up with questions and doubts and the like, he just couldn’t get a moment’s rest as he pondered the little things about the world and even the adventures he was lucky enough to share with Sin.

Sin. The man who saved him from his cursed fate.

With a simple shift of body weight, he was now face to face- albeit from two different beds- with his savior. His nose crinkled at the sight of his stupid sleeping face, he was almost tempted to tell him how he looks when he sleeps, though that might come off the wrong way. Of the many questions and curiosities that filled his mind, why Sinbad had taken him in was one of the greatest unanswered questions he had. 

He stood still for a moment, then lifted his body out of the covers, wandering over to the opposite side of the room, where the candidate slept. His chin rested on the edge of his bed, just gazing upon his sleeping figure for a while longer. “Hey, Sin…” He whispered, hoping somehow that would get his attention. All he got was a grunt in return.

With a small pout he continued on, “Why do you allow me to stay by your side…?” It was an honest question he wanted an honest answer to, though he wasn’t sure if he had the courage to ask when he was awake… 


He froze, had he actually gotten some sort of answer from him? Afraid he’d actually disturbed his slumber, Ja’far scurried back off to bed without getting the full answer. He covered his head under the bundle of covers, deciding to stay a little curious for a while longer.